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First, I have to apologize to Korean friends first, because I used to have a bad impression to Korea. After 5 days trip in Seoul I changed my mind, before I just thought it was a peacockish country: 1) Girls are pretty but Korean beauty is plastic surgery. 2) Their K-pop music and TV dramas are bubble, it can’t compare with Chinese culture absolutely and so on. Now, I must admit that I was wrong. >.<

Here are my true feelings to Seoul after the trip:

1. Korean technology is amazing and advanced, their Samsung and Hyundai are popular and famous all over the world. Also, Samsung even has their air-condition, refrigerator and even lock! I thought they have telephones only!HNinXpx0qEo SH-WBXTuUIQvNWsnvqfLO0

When I saw their Inchon international airport, I know this airport beat Shanghai Pudong international airport at once. Wifi there is stable and for free, in China in Shanghai wifi is bad – unstable and most stable one is not for free. 🙁

Here is how Inchon international airport looks like:JNBxpcskBl4zJERVGhha7Q


Cute and creative bench, leafy , flowery, bushy time here, literally, always. 😀Ms96KTnpl-4

B0PUS43jxt0‘Good place for sleeping’ means ‘good airport’ in Mr.Vladislav’s dictionary~



this sleepy poor boy can fall into sleep,



Many old style architectures and stuffs appear in airport, as one Korean man said, there are many things from China, but Korean people keep them while Chinese forgot them. Hey, it is not cool, Chinese, wake up! Of course, later I find China is powerful too~ Same as European countries, many stuffs here are made in China and people love them~


Inchon international airport in the morning at 5 a.m.


Charging places in airport everywhere, many designs are humanized.

2. Korean people enjoy life better than Chinese people. They did very detailed garbage classification, hard to imagine, but it is really really detailed, even you need buy specific bags to pack them. By the way, specific bags for food and trash, very expensive, yellow one 1000 won for food (around 1 USD), white one for general 3300 won (3 USD). But yeah, protect environment~ Recycle and reuse resource~ Everybody has responsibility to do~ :”)2TF3POtErRY (1)TBv0n4oorGY

8f1al_O9LZU v3FVv47DGKk

Detailed and strict garbage classification. Also they have separated clothes recycle classification. Now Korea is most strict country to classify garbage in all countries I visited.

3. Sometimes it is very hard to say Chinese love life or not. If you love, then why you pollute the environment? Then if you don’t, then why you earn money as if you would gonna die tomorrow? You earn money for better life, aren’t you? Seems like you earn money just for – earn money! Earn money for fun? Strange Chinese… _(:з」∠)_

After European trip, I found that street graffiti can probably show people’s attitude to life, especially the young. I deplored that if graffiti appeared in China, dustman will clean them up as garbage on the wall, bill sticker will attach small illegal advertisements that advertise they can cure hircismus on them. In few days, you will see a ads wall instead of graffiti wall. So depressed!

But compare with Chinese, Korean stick cute smile faces on advertisements that were attached on wall, suddenly, you would find advertisements are not annoying any more!IMG_6073 IMG_6074 IMG_6075

Girls on the street almost you would not find anyone who didn’t make up. Every girls are particular about their dresses and behaviors, even I met some girls who making up when walking on the road. 🙂 And some of them brush their teeth on toilet. Most Korean cannot speak in English or Russian, but even you cannot exchange your mind in other languages, they urged to help you and find things that you need with their all effort. That’s cool. Only when I tried to buy cheap shoes in some shops, unfortunately I met two bad owners, when I try to bargain with them, if price is lower than they expected, they would say “가라 (go away)” rudely to you. I felt embarrassed and very uncomfortable. However, I bought pair of shoes at last in one shop which is opened by a couple, they are nice and helpful, although they act as all sellers – obsequious. Might be you can’t understand why need argy-bargy, but I can tell you if one day you travel to Asia, best tips I can give you is – do not buy any things when vendor say first price to you. For example, at this time, I spend 20000 won(Korean money, around 18.5USD) on these new shoes which is attached on 40000 won price. In Asian eyes, if you buy thing in small street stores at first price that they give you, you have to be considered crazy-ass, fool or sucker. Hey, it doesn’t matter, it is Asian style~

4. Details! I always prefer to know a man from his detail behaviors, instead of what he said. Act will speak~


Smart design of soap, it will not melt as normal soaps in short time.


Reasonable and humanistic design of groove on the coffee cup


I saw many trays in banks, but never see one with lovely and warm tips.-S_RIcj3DJ8

This kind of board will not appear in China in banks, but only in shops. So it surprised me~


Lovely sign shows specific seats for special crowd.


And you will see no young people sit on it at most time.


So warm and thoughtful to the old, provide presbyopic glasses for 50-year-old, 60-year-old and 70-year-old in post office.


It is a very small book store but with book search machine, then you can find book what you need very quickly.


At every side of seats, there is a red button, when you want to get off bus, press it, designers, like! ♥


Grass and flower’s armour~mjJ8LjOqz-w

Ameretat the Spenta of Plants~ Meow~


It will show you how long next bus will come with sweet lady voice, very nice~

G33h0k8jbOEEven their ‘No parking here’ sign so cute~

It is said to protect car if when you open that door and scrape other cars. I didn’t see it in China.


Specific pass for bikes, good idea, many stupid designs of bike pass and luggage pass in China that you even don’t know why that designers still got a job?

TzNy7tdxVosSuch as eggs in Germany with each own unique numbers.

Yes, generally, Seoul is good city of Korea which deserve to visit, delicious food, polite and helpful people (most of them), interesting language, TV drama and cosmetics!

If you want you can see all pictures about our trip in Korea here.

This is good Seoul. This trip for me, mostly, it gave me a kind of mood and feeling – life is what you live in your way. You don’t need guess, suspect and try to make up anything. If there are anything wrong, just let it go, because they were wrong. When you enjoy life with ease, it shows you smile and sunshine; If you drop yourself into mud, then pain will catch you at the same time. Then why don’t you change a beautiful mood which fit your beautiful face? So, just enjoy your one-in-a-lifetime life, nobody can stop you, take your bag, fly far far away as you can, anywhere, anytime. 🙂

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